A most sincere thank you!

One of the most special days of my vacation was coming back to the dorm with my family. We only spent a few hours here, but in that time my family was able to meet the learners, see where I’ve been living these past few months and witness the reason I have so much love for these young people.

Whenever we have guests, our learners present a song or dance they’ve practised. As a gesture of love and gratitude, my family decided to put together a presentation of our own. We sang a few songs, performed some magic tricks, and taught some other cool tricks to our learners. It was such a fun day.

The part of the day that touched my heart the most is when my family distributed our Christmas presents to them (tooth brushes, tooth paste and chocolate) and presented a donation of 35,000 pesos to the Sisters. Before coming to the Philippines, my family put in so much effort to raise money and collect donations for us here at MHCS. Friends, family, and even their co-workers came together to put together boxes of donations such as clothes, soaps, first aid materials, school supplies, guitar picks etc. I can’t believe how much was donated and I couldn’t be more thankful. My brother, Jacob, started a Gofundme account to raise money for renovations of the boys dorm and Sr. Socorro’s dream oven. An incredible 35,000 pesos was raised!!

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who contributed. Whether you gave money or something else, I appreciate it with all I’ve got. I don’t personally know everyone who donated, and that brings much joy to my heart – knowing that someone who doesn’t even really know me would have such a kind heart to give. Thank you so much. If you weren’t able to donate, but prayed for us or sent us positivity, thank you too! I promise our prayers are with you all.

Thank you to my mom, dad, Joshua and Jacob for all your efforts of gathering everything and then bringing it to the Philippines. Thank you to my aunts who helped my mom pack all the donations. Thank you to my family who bought school supplies, soaps, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, bandaids, guitar picks and all others. Thank you to my friends who gave clothes. Thank you to the staff of Toronto General Hospital who contributed. Thank you to everyone who donated on the Gofundme account. And finally, thank you Lord for blessing these people with the heart to give.

Your generosity is not unnoticed and I sincerely thank you for putting a smile on the faces of our young people!!



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