Back to the Basics

The month of March has definitely been one of the most hectic and busiest yet. From March 24-26, four teachers from Angellicum College came to the dorm to distribute the exams that we’re supposed to be written in December. The YS 9s and 11s wrote exams in October, so I knew the system and process, but I wasn’t as involved with the exams then. This time, because my subjects were being written, I was way more involved and anxious. But let’s rewind a bit…

The whole month was spent in preparation for the exams.  Mornings, afternoons and even evenings were spent cramming last minute lessons and reteaching the basics. Our learners work hard everyday, but when it comes to academics, they need to work a little harder. It was a challenge for the teachers to get through all the modules and there was much sleep deprivation, but we got through them for the most part.

The way the exams work is each learner can choose which exam they take first, second, third and so on. Once they are finished with their exam they submit it to the examiner who will then mark it and announce whether they passed (OK), achieved a certain mark but need to correct their mistakes (CM) or failed so they need to retake the exam (TAT). I am proud of my students (8s and 9s) that most of them got CMs on their first attempt at CLE (Christian Living Education or Religion). The first learner to get OK on an exam was one of my YS 8 for CLE! I was so optimistic and thrilled, but then they started writing CAE (Communication Arts and English) which was a whole other story. There were TATs and TATs and more TATs across the board!! The second day of exams was quite the challenge – for all of the learners. The board was filled with TAT TAT TAT, so many that we were even making songs of it. It was a good feeling, though, when they would finally get OK.

Not everyone finished and passed all of their exams, so they’re going to have another go at the end of April. Final exams are coming up in one month and at the same time I will be preparing to go back to Canada. This month is going to FLY. I have more lessons to teach to prepare them for the final exams, I need to prepare my goodbyes and I need to pack my things. Pray for me. I need the strength to get through this month without breaking down.

Pray for our learners, especially the graduating students, that they pass their exams and finish their thesis projects.