Christ is Risen, Alleluia Alleluia!

We woke up early Sunday morning (3:30am to be exact) because there was one more procession. The Resurrected Jesus processed from Bahile and the Sorrowful Mother processed from Baroang. We joined the procession from Baroang and both statues met in the middle – the parish. There, the Sorrowful Mothers black veil was lifted by the “angels” singing alleluia. After that, we went into the church to celebrate Easter Sunday mass.

In the afternoon, Judith and I coordinated an Easter Egghunt/Scavenger Hunt. Every year since I was born, my family would participate in egg hunts, so being able to organize one for our learners was very special. But it wasn’t just an ordinary egg hunt where the kids would have to run around like madmen looking for as many eggs as they could. We decided to hide mini chocolate eggs, lollipops, biscuits and boxes of hopia (Filipino dessert) all thanks to Sr. Soc, and then we cut out letters to the phrase CHRIST HAS RISEN ALLELUJA! and scattered those around for the learners to find, too. On the back of some of the letters, there was a special instruction for them to come find us and do a special task before they could continue searching for more. Some of these special tasks included doing their best “bunny hop”, acting out a scene from the Stations of the Cross and going over to the parish to greet Fr. Flor. They were divided into 4 groups and they really did their best to work together. At the end, Judith and I checked their bags to make sure they all had an even amount and to our surprise, everything was fairly even.

Their last task was to arrange all the letters they collected to form the phrase. This was an entire group effort – not by their own groups, but everyone together. It was interesting to see how they contributed. Some stepped in an wanted to do everything and some completely backed out and let the others figure it out. In the end, we needed to give some clues and help, but it was still a good experience. Christ is risen, Alleluia!


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